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Oggy And Cockroaches Snowball

Size: 0.97 MB
How to play:
[left] [right] - Move
[space] - Through the snowballs
Just like what Oggy and the Cockroaches usually do in their TV show. The naughty cockroaches are always giving to Oggy much trouble.

In the Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ, They stormed Oggy's house to steal the gifts. They is not just a petty thief, their goal are noble - to have happy holiday. Of course, Oggy is also right - it must be protected from Cockroaches.

This game truly has the very funny Oggy and the Cockroaches antics. You was Oggy, and get going! It's up to you to prevent Joey, Deedee and Marky from stealing gifts out of the house by throwing snowballs at them! Make sure you can keep happy Christmast with Oggy.

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